The company of the Southern Technological Centre “Orientir”, Rostov-on-Don, Russia, offers a wide range of services in the field of information technologies:

  • software development of any complexity level;
  • web site development;
  • optimization and web site advancement in the Internet;
  • development of Russian-language for web site versions in English and German;
  • web hosting;
  • selection and registration of domain names.

For the last years Internet has deeply penetrated into all spheres of human life. Each company targeted at development and expansion is striving for creating one’s own web site. A web site is a specific office in the Internet, a company representation available for visitors from the world over.

Vast geography scope is one of the Internet advantages. It permits to enter markets of other regions and even countries by minimum investment means. However, there are nuances and reefs. Like a real office, representation in the Internet should support a company image, its status. This moment significance repeatedly increases when the question arises about the work at the foreign market.

First, reputable companies, as a rule, choose as their foreign partners those who guarantee quality of their work and services by long-lasting experience, by considerable quantity of actual clients, by vast and professional staff. All this in full measure must be reflected at the web site because the matter may not take its turn to face-to-face communication with coworkers.

Second, each state has its own national and cultural peculiarities to be taken into account while translating texts. Besides, there are differences, for instance, in taxation and many other local nuances that could be considered only by specialists living in the country for which a foreign web site version is being developed. Sometimes it is necessary even to change a graphic web site design lest it should evoke negative emotions in visitors of the country for which it is intended.

Third, simply it is not enough to translate the text. At the web site a text is the main information carrier about the company. It is this text which will tell you about want your company may offer. Text translation for web sites is so specific that it is often identified into a separate translation type. It is necessary for the translated text to fulfill the same function as the original. It should not contain either grammar or punctuation mistakes and correctly reproduce specific terms and notions.

Fourth, the text must be optimized according to search engines of the country, for citizens it is intended. Otherwise they will never be able to see it and become your partners or clients. It is also significant to draw attention to the translation of menu elements and meta tags necessary for optimizing a web site.

And lastly, there is such an important moment as a domain name. Certainly, you can simply design foreign pages at your web site. But if you want visitors from the countries of your interest to come to your web site, and search engines of these countries to index it and give it out at such positions that would bring real benefits, we recommend to conceive of the domain at the hosting of the state of your concern.

Thus, for creating full-value foreign web site version not only efforts of translators are necessary, as it might be seen from the first sight, but those of web developers, designers and even programmers.

Our company is of opinion that no venture abroad will create a better Russian-language web site version than a Russian web site firm-developer. That is why we do not have a claim on creating foreign versions of Russian web sites and do not guarantee their quality and advancement in the search engines. But we are professionals in Russian-language web sites and offer foreign firms creation of qualitative, optimized web sites according to the peculiarities of Russian culture and Russian mentality.

If you have already got a Russian-language version at your web site, we may make its analysis and, in case of need, will make alterations. If there is no Russian-language version, we may do ourselves a full complex of work for its development.

Our potential clients are tourist companies, hotels, restaurants, wishing to attract clients from Russia, ventures having representation in Russia or intending to open them, ventures that count on finding partners or commodity markets of their goods or services in Russia.

Besides, we offer cooperation, for designing Russian-language web site versions, firms-developers of web sites from English- and German-speaking countries. For them we have developed special partnership programs aimed at long-term cooperation.

Please, contact with us: admin@rostovgrad.ru